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Past Featured Artist

What motivated you to become an artist?

- The beauty of my town's nature, the harmonic birds songs, the attractive roses colors inspired me to fly through the world of art and music!


If you were a color, which one would you be?

- The color of open beautiful landscapes, Green.


What is the strangest comment someone has said about your work?

- “you are a deadly combination of technical and aesthetics abilities”


What is the funniest thing that has happened to you as an artist?

- On the first day of a training course I did for students in the field of digital painting, I read a newspaper while I was waiting for the arrival of the trainees.
While the trainees entered the training room didn't pay attention because I was already busy reading. It was quiet until I heard a voice coming from afar, it was strange sound like the voice of a warrior heavily armed from the movie of "The Lord of the Rings". Curiously I waited to find out who this warrior was. Then a girl entered, wearing a tremendous amount of silver ornaments in her wrist, around her neck, her legs and even at her top of head, so her walking had caused the funny sound.
I tried to ignore her presence so as not to burst out laughing but she was moving more than the other students so sound continued in the otherwise silent room. I was trying to mute my laugh but as she was moving more I could not resist and I exploded laughing strongly. All students looked at me with surprise; I felt very embarrassed since there was no reason to laugh in the eyes of my students. I left the hall to regain composure, and after I finished I entered the hall and tried to hide the laugh. The same girl pointed to me that she need some help. I feared that she had discovered she had been the cause of my laughter but when I got close to her she asked me a question after which I could not resist laughing again! She wasn’t able to find an image after literally searching for: "An image of a young person sitting on a table with his hand in his cheek thinking about creativity!”

Muneer Al Sulaimi
Oman photography art

Digital Painting and Animation

Muneer Al Sulaimi
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