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Featured Artist

Ibtihaj Al Harthi

Children's Book Illustrator

Oman Photography Art

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"Mah and Me"

available for purchase


What motivated you to become an artist?

This is such a long story, but I can say in brief that I needed a third language. Arabic and English were simply not enough, and my soul craved a visual language. I had a few things to say and the written and spoken language was simply not enough.



If you could collaborate with anyone (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

There are so many artists that I wish to collaborate with, but a dead children's books illustrator would probably be my first choice. I am all for Beatrix Potter and I have followed her life and artwork ever since I was a child. I think I am mostly inspired by her because she was a brave woman living in a conservative late-19th century England and she made it as one of the most important children's books authors and illustrator of the era. I find her characters and life inspiring and I believe that I would have learned a lot if I ever had the chance to meet her or even visit her farm\house\museum.



If you could only choose ONE tool to create an artwork with, what would it be?

Black ink



How do you know when an artwork is finished?

I never do, I just leave it and if I don't feel like going back to it, then its finished.



What advice would you give aspiring artists?

Never give up .. educate yourselves .. believe!

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