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MuscArt Gallery

live painting

Saleem Sakhi

Join us for a casual evening filled with art, colours, and creativity.


Saleem will be demonstrating and talking about his unique, expressionist, approach to painting, as well as the role of an artist reflecting the world and important topics around him. MuscArt will have Saleem's work on display for the night and the artist will be availble to discuss his style and technique. To learn more about Saleem Sakhi, a truely extraordinary Omani artist, and spend an evening with similar-minded people, get your ticket below.



















oman photography art

Saleem Sakhi is an artist heavily Influenced by the resettlement project of Arabian Oryx done by the Sultanate in order to safe and to protect them from extinction. For Saleem personally, this project has become an obsessive issue prompting an inspiration of Arabian Oryx paintings and sculptures as an attempt from him to remove them from their barren environment to a world full of life and vitality.

That coexistence between him and the environment has become a source of creativity and inspiration in abstractive style. His design studies helped him in understanding the nature of art. Further strong motives represented in his art is the art of portrait and the relation between music and the desert, synthetic works and video art.

Saleem has participated in an abundance of art exhibitions in the Sultanate and abroad as he produces creative works where scenes of his own visual culture overlap that of a rich environment, creating an emotional response in the viewer.



16 March 2015




Free of charge

Entry with ticket only.




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