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Past Featured Artist

What motivated you to become an artist?

- Hmmm .. that's a hard question I was into arts since the age of 3 my father collects artworks and I used to spend hours staring and them and trying to copy them. I got angry because it didn't look exactly like the paintings on the wall. I was too young back then and the first thing I drew was a star. I saw my mom doodling it on a piece of paper while talking on the phone and i tried to copy her over and over again until I succeeded on creating the star shape with the aid of my parents. That was the first push and since then i developed my skills as an artist. and my family were a very good support.


If you were a color, which one would you be?

- Black; because unlike the majority of people who see it as a dark jinxy horrific color, I see it as a colorful color. There isn't such a thing as perfect black. Usually the darkest tone of black is known as black but I don't see it as black, I see it as a group of colors been put together in order to create that tone. Just look at the universe, it's filled with colors, some of them don't even exist on earth. It's intriguing and it arises a lot of question marks. I love things that carry multiple meanings instead of the direct straight to the point ones which are just boring.


What is the strangest comment someone has said about your work?

- " Fsh market", "Femons", "Random", "Illuminati" (I think thats the funniest comment).


What is the funniest thing that has happened to you as an artist?

- Well when I was a kid i was the slowest student in math i didn't see numbers as numbers but I saw them as characters instead of solving the mathematical problems i used to make a cartoon out of it which drove my tutors crazy, they thought I was making fun of them while I had a way to perceive the information different than the other students.


Share a secret tip.

- Learn all the rules, blend them altogether then forget about them and create rules of your own!

Raya Al Maskari
oman photography art

Visual & Digital Arts, Sketching, Painting, Drawing

Raya Al Maskari
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