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Past Featured Artist

AFIAP Nadia Al Amri
AFIAP Nadia Al Amri


oman photography art

What motivated you to become an artist?

- I think what motivated me to become an artist is my love and passion for art itself.


If you were a color, which one would you be?

- If I was a colour ... amm I think I would love to be pink colour ... one of my favourite colours.


What is the strangest comment someone has said about your work?

- I have heard lot of strange comments about my work some good some bad ... but I always love keeping them to myself.


What is the funniest thing that has happened to you as an artist?

- So many funny things happened starting from how I almost burned the house during the photo shooting I was doing at home ... my family wanted to kill me that day ... I almost have fallen into the water with my camera; the scary thing was I don't know how to swim ... I had so many funny crazy moments.


Share a secret tip.

- Always try to do your best in everything.

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