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Frida & Diego


Rebeca Nigrinis



Rebeca is a mother of two and an enthusiastic, self-taught artist, with an artistic family background. Bringing her two passions together, art and children, Rebeca specialized in murals for children rooms professionally over the last 14 years before starting to teach art for children 4 years ago. With the ability to immerse in a child’s world, Rebeca is able to help them create something unique, using artistic tools to build on motoric skills, boost confidence, and stimulate creative thinking and problem solving.

Being a mother of two little ones, teaching art for children and painting murals takes most of her time, but every day, no matter how tired, she’s committed to creating at her art studio. She says: “That’s my golden moment. I truly believe in Picasso’s quote: ‘Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working’.”

Rebeca  has participated in art festivals in Saudia Arabia where her art has gained recognition. Her work is colourful and figurative, and she enjoys trying new techniques. She has continuously conducted art workshops, private lesson and art parties for children in Saudi Arabia and in Oman, all with the best product: Happy creative kids!



Frida Kahlo, possibly one of the most famous painters to emerge from South America, was influenced by indigenous Mexican culture, using bright colors, dramatic symbolism and primitive style. Admiring the work by then alerady established artist Diego Rivera, who was later to become her husband, she found encouragement in him to develop her artistic talent and become a successful artist.


The workshop will explore the works of both artists, Frida and Diego, in a playful and fun way. Children will gain self confidence through art and will learn about art history and techniques. creating their own pieces in the style of Frida & Diego.


SESSION 1: "Viva la Vida" in Spanish means "Live the life"! Children will paint watermelons on Frida style

SESSION 2: "The Flower Carrier" by Diego Rivera

SESSION 3: "I paint myself because I am the subject I know best" - Frida Kahlo. Children will practice portrait drawing while painting Frida

SESSION 4: "La Casa Azul" Frida and Diego's blue house






Minimum 5, Maximum 12







Wednesdays 4.00-5.30pm

Session 1: 13 April

Session 2: 20 April

Session 3: 27 April

Session 4: 4 May



MuscArt, Al-Ghubrah



n/a – all materials are included in the workshop price.



80 OMR*


*Pay for 2 or more workshops in this series and get 10% discount


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