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Farah Humaid Al-Fardh (Farooha)

Paper Quilling (The art of rolling thin paper strips)

Farah Humaid Al-Fardh (Farooha)
Oman Photography Art

What motivated you to become an artist?

- I became an artist by accident (an actual one) after I fell from stairs and had to stay in bed for a month and because I had lots of free time I decided to start quilling as a past time activity and then I got addicted to it and wanted to infect others with it.


If you were a color, which one would you be?

- I love Purple. They say those who love light purple are wise people and those who love dark share of purple love revenge. So I like the dark shade of purple lol


What is the strangest comment someone has said about your work?

- “is that paper???!!!” .. people still don’t believe that what I create is made out of paper strips


What is the funniest thing that has happened to you as an artist?

- People are calling me Farooha in public which makes me feel like I am still a little girl. Its a bit embarrassing. 


Share a secret tip.

- No need to have accident to start quilling. Just grab any paper strip and start rolling soon you will be addicted like me.


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