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MuscArt Gallery

Said Alruwaidhi


Join us for a casual evening filled with art, colours, and creativity.


MuscArt is proudly hosting this seminar with Omani artist Said Al Ruwaidhi.

Said will go deep into his inspiration as an artist with a strong Russian influence. As one of Oman's most upcoming portrait painters he will give an insight about his technique as well as drawing live during the seminar. Lots of ooh's and aah's guaranteed during this creative get-together in our gallery.




oman photography art

Said Alruwaidhi started his career in art in 2004 working almost exclusively in pencil, diligently studying the basics of line, shadow, form, and perspective, as well as forming a solid knowledge about different art schools, history of art and artists, including the history and invention of cameras and printing. Throughout the years he absorbed more and more information and his interest grew through attending lectures and following artists and attending their exhibitions.


Amid his studies for a degree in Bio-Medical Engineering in Russia, Said had the opportunity to be faced with great opportunities as an artist and thoroughly enjoy the art scene in Russia. There he met Russian artist Tatyana Yevgena, who was to influence him deeply as an artist. With her encouragement Said eagerly continued to immerse himself in the studies of light and perspective in paintings as well as the anatomy of the human body.


Having returned to Muscat, Oman, Said continued to learn by observing Omani artist Rasheed Abdulrahman and Anwar Sonia who instructed him in the concept of art.


Since moving to oil painting Said enjoys the light touch of working with a variety of instruments such as a knife, brush and his fingers to finish lively and vibrant paintings. He currently concentrates his studies on colour theory of the primary hues red, blue, and yellow.


28 September 2015

5:30 - 7:00 pm



Free of charge

Entry with ticket only.




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