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"Fabrics of the Desert" by Ahmed S. Al Harthy &

Ahmed Al Shukaili

06 - 30 March 2013

About the Exhibition

In March 2013 Ahmed S. Al Harthy and EFIAP Ahmed Al Shukaili set out on a photographic journey of a life time - to the Empty Quarter; One of the vastest sand deserts of the world associated with all attributes that come to one's mind when hearing the word "Desert" : Scorching heat and blazing sun, dry, hot winds with little to no shelter to offer, solitude and death. But the two photographers also discovered a different side to the empty land: the bliss of silence, a place where time stands still and where everything is put into perspective. An entrance to a different world where humans and all their problems appear so little and insignificant compared to what the world has created. An untouched land so rich in colours, light, and textures that its beauty makes one forget the hardship and lack of life that hide behind.

Ahmed S. Al Harthy and Ahmed Al Shukaili, friends of three years, captured the essence, the fabric, of the Empty Quarter in order to share views of their country that haven't been seen before, offering the unique opportunity to experience the different visual facets of the desert land. The mighty and the minute in warm colours. A serene backdrop hiding the face of a silent reaper, gently moving across the Arabian Peninsula.

About the Artists


Ahmed S. Al Harthy's interest in photography started in 2003, when his first semi-professional camera was bought. It was then when he realized the phenomenal nature that he was surrounded by, a country ever filled with natural beauty and greenery.

Over the years, he have seen and explored the exquisiteness that lies within his own country and finally realized that it was time to share these shots with everyone to appreciate what we take for granted and forget to see. Ahmed's love and passion for landscaping led him to start expanding his interest in the world of photography to explore new areas where new potential and opportunities may exist. His passion grew stronger and at the beginning of 2010, Ahmed's hobby began to transform into a profession.

2012 Ahmed S. Al Harthy decided to turn his passion into a business and share not only his photos and experience but to also make his own contribution to Oman's art market - MuscArt was born.


EFIAP Ahmed Al Shukaili started his photographic career in 2006 and has since then been fascinated with the world of light, started taking photos of everything surrounding him. He enjoys the outdoors and real life situations in which he captures Omani people, portraits and landscapes. Feeling blessed for great opportunities in his home country, Oman, which is rich in culture, heritage, history and unique landscapes ranging from coastal areas, deserty & sand dunes as well as mountains and wadis, Ahmed primarily finds himself absorbed in the beauty of Oman's nature in his photography.

He has recently been awarded with the EFIAP (Excellence FIAP) distinction by the International Federation of Photographic Art for apart from having excellent techniques, also having a significant number of his work often been accepted into international salons under FIAP patronage. Ahmed has successfully participated in competitions and exhibitions since 2008.

Oman photography art
Oman photography art
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