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Fahad Al Maamri


Join us for a casual evening filled with art, colours, and creativity.


MuscArt is proudly hosting this event with renowned Omani artist Fahad Al Maamri.

Fahad will go through the detailed process of his work discussing and visually presenting how he achieves the style he is most famous for. Students of art, as well as anyone with a penchant for art and painting is encouraged to join this talk, learn more about Fahad  and gain insight of the works of one of the most established watercolor artists in the country.



















Mohammad Al Maamari, started his artistic journey with a lead pencil and soon became a master in drawing light and shadows. Gradually, he developed an interest in surrealism and calligraphy.In his current paintings, by employing a variety of media and techniques, Mohammed is depicting his search for harmony and rhythm in his art.He has exhibited not only in Oman, but also in Paris, Kuwait, Egypt and the UAE."My paintings are a language made of calligraphic shapes and traditional Islamic and Persian patterns.”


نستضيف  بفخر هذا الحدث مع الفنان العماني المميز فهد المعمري. سيخوض فهد في التفصيل لعمله ويناقش ويعرض بصريًا كيف يحقق الأسلوب الذي اشتهر به. ندعو طلاب الفنون ، وكذلك أي شخص لديه ميول للفن والرسم ، على الانضمام إلى هذا الحديث ، ومعرفة المزيد عن فهد واكتساب نظرة ثاقبة لأعمال أحد أشهر فناني الألوان المائية في البلاد.

















23 April 2015




Free of charge

Entry with ticket only.




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