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Art Jameel Photography Award


The Art Jameel Photography Award (AJPA) is one of the Art Jameel Initiatives. AJPA’s mission is to discover emerging talents, develop their skills and exhibit exceptional photographs. It furthermore promotes the art of photography and the achievements of the finest photographers to a diverse audience.

AJPA is an extension of the Bab Rizq Jameel Photography Award, which was launched in 2010,providing not only an opportunity for talented young photographers to show their work to a wider audience, but also helping them to further their careers.


MuscArt is proud to collaborate with Art Jameel for the Art Jameel Photography Award 2015, bringing this initiative to the Sultanate of Oman. We highly encourage everyone resident in Oman with an interest in photography to participate for a chance to win fantastic prizes and get exposure of their work throughout the gulf region. It's a fantastic opportunity for local photographers and a chance to represent Oman in the region!





#AJPA215 The Workshop


To help you get to the top MuscArt will be hosting a free workshop relating to submissions, as well as providing a deeper look into the theme of the competition. Discuss your entries with professional photographers and experienced competition participants and winners Rasha Al Abdali and Ahmed Al Shukaili before submitting them, and clear up any questions you might still have.






15 September 2015



Entry with ticket only! Get yours now from below!






The Theme "Transitions"



Transitions are life’s hidden changes that affect individuals or societies, or even environments. These transitions may vary in duration. As humans, we often do not realize the transition we are under, as it is just a fragment of the life cycle of existence.

Due to this century’s rapid changes that face societies today, from economic to social to technological changes, transitions have become the essence of our daily lives, and we must focus on them more. Because of this, we have chosen ‘Transitions’ as the theme of the Art Jameel Photography Award for this year.

Your Task


You can showcase a single photograph or series of photographs. The series should not exceed four photographs. Try to explore the idea of hidden ‘transitions’.

You can provide us with a photo that showcases social, individual, conceptual, cultural or economic transitions, or other transitions.

You may even showcase technical transitions, such as transitions in flash lighting or camera focus, or others.

Try to focus on a hidden transition that the audience cannot spot except through your lens.



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